We hold an exemplary record of 100% Examination Passes with the vast majority attaining Honours/Distinction and Highly Commended results.

Taking Examinations is an exciting and rewarding way of progressing through the Grades. IDTA have a range of Examinations suitable for all ages and levels of experience and achievement. IDTA graded qualifications are recognised by the Qualifications and Examination Regulator (Ofqual) and appear on the Qualifications and Credit Framework, with achievements counting toward University applications. Successful students receive an official IDTA Certificate and an individually engraved IDTA Plaque.

Students can also take Awards and Medal Examinations as a group or as a solo Performer.

Awards and Certificates are presented to our students on Stage at our Presentation Showcase, with results being published in the local Newspapers.

In 2012 several of our students achieved the IDTA Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award.

Students showing Outstanding Achievement

In recognition of hard work and merit, we present a variety of Coppelia School of Dance Trophies at the Presentation Showcases. Trophies can be awarded to any student across the Grades.